Wednesday, February 15, 2012

and the sign said

every year for valentine's day (since we've been together), i have snuck in to bryan's cubicle, office, place of business, apartment, etc. etc., and decorated to my heart's content. it keeps me entertained, and bryan doesn't seem to mind, so it's become quite the wheeler family tradition (see here and here).

this year's display was a simple eight foot by eight foot square kraft paper sign that read "just a little note to say i love you!" (get it? a little note?) which i taped along the exterior wall of bryan's office. 

here's a pic after some adjusted positioning by bryan so that he could actually get in to his office yesterday:

anyway, the odd thing about our little vday tradition is that i have been doing this for nine years now. NINE years. EVERY year. and yet somehow, bryan NEVER sees it coming.

when february 14th rolls around, i think the ruse is up for sure, though i still go through the motions of hiring accomplices and creating water-tight alibis and hiding things and sneaking around and all that jazz. but by golly, every valentine's day so far, bryan has continued to arrive at work none the wiser.

"how is that even possible?" one might ask. "are you (*gulp*) drugging him?"

no, no drugs yet (wink, wink). i suppose it's just that his particular brand of obliviousness has proven to be a marital asset after all.

go figure.

crossing fingers for next year!

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