Wednesday, February 15, 2012

midnight crepes

yesterday, bryan and i went out on our first date in nearly six months. it's been quite the series of unfortunate events that has kept us from seeing each other socially for the past half-year, but we've finally broken free of the curse!

(read about our last romantic excursion, august 19, 2011, here.)

last night, bryan took me out to an asian fusion bistro where i ate all the giant plate of beef bulgogi that we had ordered to share (hey, i'm pregnant, remember?!). then we were off to see mission impossible, the romance movie of the year, which, as i'm sure it did many a young man, inspired bryan to drive around through the night at particularly high speeds.

we eventually arrived home to a clean house, sleeping children, and our cheery babysitter (plus, cute valentine's gifts from the girls!).

and then, though it was way past our bedtime, and he would have to get up in just a few hours (i peacefully slept in til nine -- hey, still pregnant!), bryan made me some crepes, slathered in homemade strawberry jam and topped with fresh whipped cream.

a well-deserved date night success for casa de la wheeler.

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