Monday, February 06, 2012

optical illusion

i know i just posted some bumpalicious pics a few days ago, but it just so happened that wheeler threeler's much anticipated pregnancy pop day happened this weekend (for the uninitiated, "pop day" is when one day (i'm talking, like, seriously one day) during your third trimester, POP! you all of a sudden have a giant protrusion (with super cool stretch marks to prove it), a completely flat bum (if you're "lucky" like me), and all those friendly strangers at the grocery store start asking if you're set to deliver any day now), so i thought i'd do a visual update.

here's the optical illusion/topographic belly map:

and here's the POP!

no, not quite ready to deliver "any day now," but certainly one day closer.

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Anonymous said...

You are beyond beautiful! "Pop" and all :)