Saturday, February 16, 2008

She's done it again

Emily has a long standing tradition of doing really spectacular things for me on Valentine's Day. Her expressions of affection typically involve 3 things:

1. An accomplice
2. An embarassing amount of decor
3. Something difficult for me to clean

The accomplice
This year it was none other than my office mate, Jeff Maurone. Emily discreetly paid a visit to MSNBC and handed off a surprise package without me knowing.

The decor
My office appeared as if a bomb crammed with construction paper hearts had exploded. It must have taken Jeff some time to arrange the office; I just hope none of our co-workers got the wrong idea about the nature of his and my relationship. Fortunately, Emily was wise enough to send a picture of Valentine's Day Summer for my desk.

The cleanup
It'll be an ongoing process over several months. Emily claims it's a daily reminder of how much she loves me. At Hopkins, the decorations lasted until graduation forced me to clean out my office.


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