Tuesday, February 12, 2008

gimme gimme more

summer has recently reached yet another milestone in her growth and development: grasping objects. and while each new capability she gains brings with it much excitement (for both her and us), these skills also seem to carry a degree of peril (for both her and us). i.e., she now loves to grasp chunks of her skin when she's in the tub (ouch!). and one would think that given my closely cropped frock, i would be free from the mommy-pulled-hair syndrome, but alas, i too am a victim.
good thing she's so adorable.

the only milestone that appears to have no dangerous undertones is sleeping through the night; i can find not a single disadvantage to that. unfortunately, it's a ways off for us: my summer baby even has difficulty sleeping through her naps.

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Stephanie said...

Oh, the skin pinching! Our boy used to grab "parts" of himself and twist and pull to the point that I could not believe he was comfortable doing so.

Babies are so fun. It's neat to watch their "discoveries" that we so take for granted.