Sunday, January 09, 2011

a swing and a miss

so bryan and i have some pretty rogue philosophies around christmas traditions (hint: santa claus does not visit the wheeler home) which i won't regale you with now (but am open to standing on my soap box at some other time, perhaps). anyway, as part of these traditions, the sum of our gifts to our children is what's in their stockings -- which amounts to about four small items each.  and being so few, i try to spend extra time thinking and strategizing as to what the girls would enjoy. after all, even radicals like us want to see a little glimmer and gleam in our children's eyes christmas morn.

this year, i'd say we achieved our goal overall; however, one of the gifts was a plague unto both their houses.  the toy was for afton who was disgusted and thought it of evil origin (and it turns out summer would not touch it either).  i'm still not exactly sure what the turn off is, but i suppose the damage is done.

robot for sale?
(psst - facebook users, there is a video)

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