Tuesday, January 11, 2011

eighteen months

1.11.11: one of the coolest dates ever, and the day we celebrate baby cakes afton having rocked our world for a year and a half.

what to say, what to say, what to say about this little lady? well, first off, afton is large and in charge (and LOUD). she's pretty sure she rules the universe, and i think if you asked her, she would state matter-of-factly that she is the firstborn child (i sense some old testament style drama on our horizon).

and though she dislikes sharing her parents with summer, afton adores her sister and gets very concerned if ever the two are separated (heaven forbid one of them wakes up before the other because it won't be long until there is screaming and crying and clawing at the sleeping sister's door).

afton is also a genius.  i know every parent says that about their children, but really, she is.  her verbal skills, comprehension, and retention are off the charts.  as is that cutest ever dimple.

she is a curious, crazy little tasmanian whirlwind babe in training, and she fits right in with the rest of us wheeler women (isn't bryan lucky?)

so move over o'doyle:  afton rules!

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wheelerdealer said...

And the very best part is aft on is my granddaughter. The gene pool has obviously vastly improved in last 25 years