Sunday, January 09, 2011


i've noticed that a lot of folks have been writing about their resolutions for the new year lately (how apropos). and while my goals for 2011 have yet to be formally developed, i just wanted to indulge myself ('cause, you know, it's my blog and all) and throw these inspiring babies in the pot:

my fourth (9 yr.) and fifth (10 yr.) grade annual objectives, respectively.

so after reviewing these lists eighteen years later, only two goals actually stick out to me as having been achieved as stated. first, my handwriting. it's true that before fifth grade, my handwriting made teachers sob in horror, and now it's so stellar that sometimes i write things down just to see how beautiful it looks (no, seriously). and second, my grades. having had somewhat of a rocky start in school (i was the girl who sucked on her desk at the back of the classroom), i realized at around nine years old that i was more than just a pretty face and would go on to rock the socks off academia.

 here are a few other things i noticed:

1) i still don't know how to juggle.
2) it would be ten (TEN!) more years until i got my first kiss (shout out to w. e. lemmon wherever you are), though the intent may very well have appeared on every one of my annual goal lists from here on out.
3) gosh, was i always this boy crazy? and what is up with the birthday party obsession?
4) if i ever DID know how to play marbles, i have now forgotten.
5) knowing me, i probably did start wearing deodorant at ten, though puberty (and thus the actual need for deodorant) would elude me for three more years.
6) mein deutsch ist zehr verboten.

 and just because i know you wanna:

fourth grade emily:

fifth grade emily:

whose goals for the year should have included either
stop wearing socks that match your shirts or get longer pants.
probably both.

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Katie said...

my favorites are "keep a secret" and "wear deodorant" oh and "not talk so much". those are so funny. they are all funny. yeah, and what's up with you and boys and kissing and birthday parties? it's all about the build up. i loved this post. so much.