Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's go time!

Get out and vote!

Election day is an exciting event at MSNBC.com. Lots of people have been putting in crazy amounts of overtime. In my opinion the results are fantastic. In the interest of full disclosure, my immediate team is one of the few in the company that's had essentially nothing to do with elections. Nevertheless, I'll be in the office late tonight, monitoring election results (let's just say it'd be a disaster if our automated systems screwed things up and reported the wrong numbers).

Interesting fact: Despite what you may think, MSNBC.com tries to keep coverage unbiased (it may help to bear in mind that we're a separate entity from MSNBC TV). In fact, our editorial team is under the strictest orders to neither celebrate nor mourn as the results come in this evening. Anybody who feels they can't contain their emotions must leave the newsroom and vent outside.


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betsey said...

You've convinced me to use MSNBC.com as my election night source. Okay, I would probably use it anyway, but Team Hawkins is going to be glued to their computers tonight :)