Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deliberate haste

Over our roughly 5 years of matrimony, I've discovered that once Emily has convinced herself of a course of action, she'll pursue it with all fury until she's just barely made it past the point of no return. At that point, she'll become momentarily overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation and wish it had never happened. Fortunately, passing the point of no return means that you have to finish the job, no matter how large.

This file photo was taken shortly after the greatest moment of despair in the "Great Book Liquidation of 2008." Emily decided we needed to clear out several hundred books to make room for more baby playthings. She was working under the assumption that we could sell all our books on Amazon and make out like bandits. She immediately started pulling the books off the shelf and listing them on the internet. We made our first sale within an hour or two. Unfortunately, after the books were arranged in piles all over the house, we discovered the going rate for most books in our collection of hundreds was one cent.
Key statistics to date:
  • $200+: Money made selling old textbooks on Amazon
  • $100: Money made selling a box of 30 teaching books on Craigslist
  • $23: Money made from selling 23 books to the Duvall Bookstore
  • 3: Tubs of books rejected by the Duvall Bookstore (we had more, but couldn't take the rejection any longer)

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Primetime said...

Its really fun to see how much was spent on all those books in the tubs rejected by the Duvall bookstore...