Wednesday, November 05, 2008

birthday eve

a year ago today, i was going for walks and making plans for baby announcements. a year ago today, the world was quiet. time was mine. a year ago today, i had no idea what tomorrow would bring.

baby summer.

her birth was remarkable. unusual. she would do things her own way even then.

to describe our relationship, summer’s and mine, my husband would say, “an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.” summer is strong. she’s smart; she’s willful. she’s bold and audacious. and so she has been from the moment we met.

summer loves to laugh and is an easy smile. she hates to sleep. she loves the sound of her own voice, and her screams have unparalleled volume and stamina. her favorite foods are sugar and cheese. summer doesn't snuggle much. she is constantly on the move. she loves people and wants to be where the action is. summer cannot play by herself, and she does not care for stuffed animals.

on the age-old nature versus nurture debate, i find myself comfortably on the nature side. summer’s temperament and personality are very much the same as they were on november 6, 2007 – and i sense, even before then. nothing makes my skin prickle quite like someone, usually a generation or two older than me, saying that summer is “x” because i “y.” heavens no. summer is “x” because she dug her claws in and firmly decided to be so.

as for the nurture, my piece of the puzzle is to help her reach her fullest, most excellent potential and to teach her to use her God-given faculties for good. (and my more specific role, as summer’s mother, is to r.e.m.a.i.n...c.a.l.m.) if i do my job right, then summer, true to form, will be a powerful and immovable force for good.

a year ago today, i had no idea what tomorrow would bring:

a fiery burst of joy.


Katie said...

i. love. this. post. what a great and clear cut analysis of your child. i love it. and i've been having a nature vs. nurture debate in my head. luke is NOT a cuddler either and i've been worried it's because i just let him fall asleep on his own and never rocked him to sleep or nursed him to sleep. i really did want a cuddly baby but have been getting "straight armed" a lot lately - which kind of hurts my feelings. but i've come to terms with it and it's just luke. sorry summer to steal your thunder with luke talk... all i really wanted to say is that i like the post , the 12 months of pics is cool and happy birthday summer!

betsey said...

A Fiery Burst of Joy is right. What a beautiful post about your adorable daughter. Happy Birthday Summer!