Sunday, November 02, 2008

an apple a day

having lived in washington for two years now, we finally decided it was time to try our hand at apple picking. unfortunately, as with most of our family plans, this decision came a day late and a dollar short. the peak of the apple-picking season is generally around the first of september -- a whopping two moons ago.

not easily deterred, we made some phone calls and found a u-pick farm that was still harvesting, though most of the biggest and best apples had already been plucked. while in the orchard, we tried several varieties -- not quite all 200 -- but found that after awhile, most tasted rather similar and a lot like "apple." still, we came home with fifteen pounds to can and store.

for her part, summer enjoyed gliding rockily along in the wagon. she did not, however, enjoy the occasional visit by the owner's dog.

  bryan masterfully maneuvers the rickety wagon.
he picks a few apples, but is soon replaced by emily's more discerning eye.

"she took of the fruit and did eat."



emily wonders why these apples are so dirty.


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