Tuesday, October 14, 2008

remember when?

the lovebirds (my brother, ken, and his bride-to-be, emmelie) have come up for air just long enough to send me some pictures from their august adventures here in washington (thanks, emmelie!):

at the top of the space needle.
the price of admission is almost as steep as the edifice itself.
but somehow, ken finagled a military discount.

at the first starbucks in pike place market.
free admission.

ken buds makes the treacherous (and illegal!) descent to snoqualmie falls.
i ask you, emme, does this look like the kind of guy who is going to jump out of airplanes?

what ken does enjoy is a giant doughnut (shown here to be roughly the size of his head.
and yes, that is a class three chin). baked fresh for the duvall farmer's market (the doughnut, not the chin).



our rock star band formed at the experience music project museum:
kenny and the emilies (clever, we know).

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