Thursday, October 30, 2008

peter, peter, pumpkin eater

here we chronicle last night's adventures in pumpkinland:

somehow, bryan has been appointed our official pumpkin guts cleaner.
a job he hates (which is probably why it was given him).

this year, summer joined the crew with a few special responsibilities.
first, pumpkin inspecting.

second, pumpkin exploring.

and third, pumpkin peekaboo.

my role is as the struggling "arteest."
bryan says, "emily, why don't you draw your designs on the pumpkins?"
emily says, "carve first. draw later."
(dad, i'm wearing the goggles for you.)

happy halloween!

ps - the little pumpkin says "boo."

1 comment:

Jared and Holly said...

The pumpkins turned out great! I can't believe how big Summer is getting. Where does the time go?!