Wednesday, October 08, 2008

summer sitter

meet the babysitter:

not but a day after turning eleven months old, summer had her first non-familial caregiver. (and previous to this she was only watched by my mother, who happens to live in alabama, so needless to say, those sittings were few and far between).

i left a page--front and back--of typed instructions: important numbers, a detailed schedule, general information, the location of household items, what to do in case of a power outage or fire, and of course, an eight step illustrated guide should summer choke. when i cam back home, the sitter said, "these are the most detailed instructions i've ever seen!" shivers went down my spine. and yes, i would like to thank the academy for this award.

i wanted to take a picture of the two girls together; however, summer was sleeping when we left and (shock of ALL shocks) when we returned home. thus cementing in my mind what all my parenting books have been postulating: that babies are the worst for their mothers (a bit backwards, isn't it?).

but the sitter was great, summer was great, our date was great. everybody wins. i think we'll do this again some time.

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