Sunday, August 31, 2008

much ado

this past week saw the wheeler clan entertaining my brother, kenny, and his fiancee, emmelie. unfortunately, the two lovebirds stole away with the pictures from the many varied festivities, so all will have to wait for photo representation of our good times until they send some to us (which, at the beginning of the semester, could be weeks).

but here's the low-down anyway:

--mariner's baseball game
--evergreen state fair
--weird al yankovic concert
--snoqualmie falls
--blackberry picking
--space needle
--science fiction museum
--experience music project
--duvall farmer's market
--pike place market

and of course, family staples of eating out, watching tv/movies, and playing games.

hosting those two has made me come to realize how old and tired i am. we changed many a plan because i wanted to stay home and take a nap. luckily, dealing with an engaged couple is rather straightforward as all they really want to do is spend time alone together. they happily obliged my nap requests and wandered around our quaint town whilst summer and i enjoyed some zzzzs.

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Holly said...

So, congrats to Kenny and the soon-to-be sister-in-law. I bet it was fun to see them. It's too bad you all couldn't swing down to Puyallup for Christian teen night at the roller rink, too.