Sunday, August 24, 2008

family expansion

For those of you wishing that we'd post something other than baby photos (hi Scott), today is your lucky day. For everyone else, be patient, and I'll indulge you later today.

Emily and I have always had a bit of a contrarian bent. For example, when it was cool to dabble (or bet the farm, in most cases) in the real estate bonanza of the last 5 years, we avoided it like the plague. For us, however, swimming upstream against the American zeitgeist is really just a matter of timing. Case in point: America's new found fondness for the Honda Civic.

When we ditched the 4Runner back in in November, Americans still weren't blushing at the sight of gas prices, but we knew the near future held a much smaller car for us. Imagine our dismay when we started visiting dealers and discovered the severe Civic famine. Even large dealers had anywhere from 0 to 2 models on hand. Bummer.

Naturally, the more sleazy salesmen tried to convince us that our needs would be better met by one of the larger (and much more plentiful) cars on the lot. I, on the other hand, was ready to cast away my long standing Honda brand loyalty in favor of a Mazda, but Emily was steadfast. Just as I was ready to turn my back on Honda, a dealer searched their incoming inventory one more time and discovered they would be receiving a perfectly configured car in another month.

Well worth the wait.

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