Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sumptuous Snoqualmie

In a perfect follow up to Duvall Days and the Carnation 4th of July Celebration, we completed our local small town Triple Cup and paid a visit to Snoqualmie's town fair.
Regrettably, my morning's ride got me back too late to take the girls to the parade, so by the time we arrived in Snoqualmie, the main attractions were the fair vendors.
I'll confess that I have a certain weakness for fair food. In fact, I almost always prioritize novelty over quality in these situations. The giant basket of curly fries is a case in point (note: those are not Emily's hands; she wanted me to make that clear as she's none too keen on the nail polish). Had I ever seen such a creation? No. Would I ever want to eat one again? Definitely not.
A local snake charmer capitalized on the local crowds to get some much needed personal attention. Unfortunately, Emily refused to wrap the snake around her neck for a photo op, and by this time, Summer had received her quota of FFF (forced family fun) and decided to go to her happy place.

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