Monday, June 04, 2007


every year, on the first saturday in june, thousands upon thousands of residents and nearby residents descend upon our little town for the famed "duvall days." bryan and i were a few days too late to attend last year's festivities, but made it a point in 2007 to go out and see what all the fuss was about.

sadly, we yet again missed the "fuss" as it were, because apparently the real show-stopper is the parade. (details to come on this portion of the event in 2008--all we know for sure is that there are some dissenting votes on whether or not the duvall ward primary should be involved. presently, they are, though thankfully minus any "scripture power" pantomimes).

what we did find at the event was plenty of sunshine, folk music, food, and chiropractors (how does a town of less than 6,000 people have 3 chiropractors?)

here we are with our $30 hotdogs and hard-as-ice sno-cones. we have since decided to forgo purchasing fair food (as our fathers did before us). however, as it seems to be every child's dream (as it was ours) to partake of such over-priced delicacies, we have also decided to invest in some of the special tissue paper and cartons in which such food is found at the fair. when the little ones cry out for the fair fare, bryan can wrap the hotdogs (conveniently smuggled in in his backpack) in the appropriate trappings while i engage the children in scouting out a seating area. everyone wins.

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