Saturday, April 12, 2008

burns brighter

four years ago, on april 10, 2004, bryan and i were married in the salt lake city temple--despite that on the way to the ceremony, my brother assured me that it still wasn't too late to back out.

to commemorate our union, i would like to illustrate, in four carefully chosen scenarios, why i stand by the decision i made that fateful morning more than 35,000 hours ago. in no particular order:

1 - when i was pregnant with summer, i was mad sick for 7 1/2 weeks. during this time, bryan got up every morning at 4:45am and made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and brought me a box of apple juice. while the pbj didn't necessarily help quell the sickness, bryan faithfully rose from bed each dawn to make me a dish he knew i would just...uh...toss...

2 - bryan has an alter ego known only as "the asleep huss." i often hold in depth conversations with him only to discover the next morning that bryan remembers none of it. but luckily, the asleep huss is also very romantic: he is always telling me how much he loves me and how beautiful i am. he frequently asks me what he can do for me and approves fantasy purchases. so even if "the awake huss" and i aren't getting along, i can always count on his sleeping self to be quite adoring.

3 - one day i came home and decided to sell all of our furniture. i spent the morning figuring out how much we had paid for each piece, calculating depreciation over the previous 1-3 years, taking pictures and preparing to post on craigslist. when i told bryan, he calmly allowed me to go about my business knowing that by nightfall, the storm would have passed. and it did; it always does.

4 - after an ill-fated atv trip two years ago, i went through a phase (which i am just beginning to emerge from) where i was deathly afraid to drive on the freeway. unfortunately, at the time, i was taking graduate classes in dc and living in baltimore--which is quite a drive almost entirely on high-speed roads. so bryan leaves his own graduate studies twice a week to drive me an hour to dc, sit for two and a half hours during my class, and then drives me an hour home. who does that?

i realize that by telling these stories, i am making myself look like *somewhat* of a spazz. but that's why bryan is the yin to my yang, the macaroni to my cheese. i haven't quite figured out what he's getting from the relationship...but let's hope whatever it is lasts at least another four years.


Da said...


Thanks for sharing your story. My name is Da Zhao. Bryan might know me as Elder Zhao. I served with him in the same mission, I was in the Cantonese district. Nonetheless I can tell you that some men do anything for the name of love, even if its eternal. So appreciate and give him more love. Weird things will continue to come and go but he'll stick by you... for a little bit longer...

Katie said...

Happy FOUR YEARS guys. Since we've been living as a 'beenmarriedforfoursyears' couple for these past few months - if you have any questions or would just like to talk to a couple with a little more experience - feel free to give us a call.

Jason & Melanie Morales Family said...

Four years already?! Congratulations! Hasn't it gone by fast? Seems like it's been a great ride, so far. Summer is getting cuter and cuter!