Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 days later

As it turns out, I'm married to a master of surprises. Latest case in point? Operation Birthday: 2008.

On Monday night, Emily left me to tend Summer while she went to a visiting teaching appointment. In reality, she stole my badge and infiltrated Microsoft's building 25 with balloons and cake in tow. After winning over the hearts and minds of some of the locals, she placed the ginormous balloon bouquet in my office and hid a birthday cake in the fridge.

The festitivites did not end there, however. Operation Birthday also coincided with an MSNBC SiteDev morale event. Activity of choice? Mariners ball game. Under normal circumstances, a Mariners game in mid-April is a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, 40 degree weather combined with large quantities of rain dampened some of our enthusiasm.

After the game, Summer attended her first birthday party. Apart from the 5 seconds posing for the photo, she spent the time captivated by her latest discovery: fire.

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