Friday, August 05, 2016

Ross Lake

(by Bryan)

Although you'd hardly guess by the weather in these photos, we used the first official weekend of summer to take an onvernight trip to Ross Lake. This trip was a bit of a departure from some of our previous backpacking trips (Hyas Lake and Clyde Lake) inasmuch as it involved both hiking and boating. 

To get to the lake's numerous camp sites, you hike about a mile down a steepish trail to a dock and summon a ferry from Ross Lake Resort. Upon arriving at the resort (in this case, "resort" is basically a bunch of rustic log cabins floating in the lake), we rented a small aluminum boat that we used to explore the terrain for two days. The girls loved it and quickly dubbed this the best camping trip ever.

Awaiting the ferry from Ross Lake Resort.

Summer learning to drive.

Afton named a large number of interesting rocks she found. 
She was devastated to learn that national park 
regulations forbid visitors from taking rocks home. 

As always, Top Ramen features prominently in the girls' must have backpacking dinners.

In spite of the cool, cloudy conditions, Afton spent most of her free time in the lake. 

High spirits at the start of the hike.

Exploring one the lake's side channels (Nelson/Gessel crew in the background).

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