Tuesday, August 23, 2016

new mexico: ABQ biopark

our first stop in new mexico was the abq biopark. we were only able to visit the botanic gardens and the bugarium, but it was good to let these littles get out and stretch their legs after all the traveling they had done the day before. 

also, the botanic gardens has a railroad garden with a miniature railway the kids can help operate. they played with and watched those trains for probably forty-five minutes (and would have done so longer if their parents hadn't been so hungry and anxious for lunch...)

luke, afton, summer, caleb, danton, dallin
(not pictured: derek and eli)


we didn't pack a stroller for the first time ever.
this munchkin still couldn't quite keep up, so he was toted around like this a lot.

desert flora.

exploring a fish pond.

dad's turn!

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