Thursday, August 25, 2016

new mexico: hot air balloon ride

while we were in new mexico, my grandmother, lucile, celebrated her ninety-first birthday. before her ninetieth birthday, she came up with a bucket list of sorts of things she'd like to do. last year, she rode a motorcycle. this year, a hot air balloon!

i do not have a picture of everyone together (face palm!) but our balloon passengers were anna, danton, summer, afton, me, kenny, emme, lucile, matt and beka.

it was an awesome ride and a once in a lifetime experience for sure. 

i got a little shaky in the knees everytime summer looked over the edge (afton and danton were too short, thankfully), but it was otherwise lovely and serene. 

fun fact: we landed at the post office.

the wheeler girls with the birthday lady herself!

helping emme fill the hot air balloon with --you guessed it! -- air :)

up, up and away...

the girls were able to view out of these square openings (used for climbing into the basket).
afton had her ears plugged most of the time because the burner turning on was too loud for her.
(the noise level would oscillate between blissfully quiet and alarmingly loud.)

a room with a view.

a toast to grandma lucile!


thanks, grandma, for letting us share in your awesome day!

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