Monday, September 09, 2013

back to school nite

last night we had a small back to school devotional for summer and afton.

first, we talked about our theme for the new school year. in coming up with the theme/goal for the girls, bryan and i took into account specific challenges they might face this year, as well as their personalities and temperaments, and came up with the very original and poignant "try your best."

we had the girls talk a little bit about what they were most excited about and most nervous about as they entered new schools this year, and afterwards, bryan gave each of them a father's blessing

then it was on to the celebratory pizookie! (a warm chocolate chip cookie dough baked almost through and topped with vanilla ice cream). bryan and i both had a bit of trouble downing all the delicious richness in one sitting, but our little ladies had their ramekins licked clean in no time flat. sugar monsters.

can you tell how excited they are for school to begin?

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