Monday, September 09, 2013

a kinder in my garden

here she is:

and there she goes:

summer was so excited and so ready and had a really fantastic first day experience (bytheby, for our faraway friends, summer is in morning half-day kindergarten, so she's really only gone two more mornings a week than she was last year).

she has already made a new best friend in her class (lilly, she tells me), and she sat with all sorts of great kids on the bus who helped her know the rules and find her way around the school. the only snag of the day was that she forgot her jacket on the bus ride home, but good news! the bus driver has it, and she'll get it back tomorrow. disaster averted.

unexpectedly, i didn't even shed a tear today. i guess i was just all cried out from playing and replaying that doggone perfectly pointed music by mr. folds.

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Janelle said...

Just wait. You'll blink and she'll be in 2nd grade. It goes by WAY too fast now.
She's adorable. And I still think Afton looks just like Cindy :)