Wednesday, September 12, 2012

five alive

hey, you.

yeah, you.

what's shakin' in your little baby five-a-month life?

well first off, i'm pretty sure we've touched on the fact that caleb is huge. sometimes bryan and i forget how huge he is. then we see other babies, and we're like, "oh yeah, our baby *is* huge." i mean, if i wasn't there for the birth (and here's proof that i was there), i would swear he was at least seven months old.

also, caleb is certain that he and i are an item. he likes his daddy and everything, but when bryan's home, you can see baby caleb looking at him, trying to puzzle through what exactly his role is here. he's all, "yo, dad, why are you hanging around so much, bro? like, get out of my bed, and stay away from my woman already." really, it's rather sweet that so many men in this house adore me.

and when he's not busy doting on mom or defending my honor, caleb loves to be wrestled and tickled and bobbed and jiggled and smooched and tossed and flown and flopped and just about anything else that gets his heart rate up and his blood pumping and his voice squealing.

caleb is a very physical baby. he's just itching to sit up and crawl and bust free of this trap of a baby body he's in. whenever we stand him up on our laps or the ground or wherever, he vigorously bounces up and down on one leg like he's a race horse taking his mark and kicking up dirt at the starting line.

just a-raring to take off and go!

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