Sunday, September 09, 2012

at the dentist

the wheeler girls finally made their trek to le dentiste (including momma, for whom it's been two years since her last visit. dental school friends: feel free to shudder).

the little ladies both did great. 

summer, for whatever reason, is a big fan of being poked and prodded and going to various check ups, so for her, visiting the dentist was a real treat. afton, on the other hand, was predictably more cautious. she maintained a death grip on her chair the whole time, refused to let them turn on the bright light, and whenever the dental assistant got out a new instrument or tried to put something in her mouth, afton would say, "you're going to hurt me!" but, sort of to my surprise, she let them clean and check and polish her teeth anyway.

and the good news is: no cavities here!

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