Tuesday, June 12, 2012

two months

why hello there, two month old baby. what's new with you?

are you sleeping? check.
eating? check.
cooing? check.
smiling? double check.

of all the transitions i've made in mommyhood -- from zero to one, one to two, and now two to three children -- bringing Big Baby C home has been my easiest.

part of that comes with practice (it only took four and half years and three children, but hey, i'm actually starting to get this hang of this!), and part of it is that caleb is a good baby (huzzah! a good baby! it's *finally* my turn!).

of course, to be clear, all babies are "good" babies (yes, even little baby screams-a-lot-summer herself), but you know, some just sleep better, cry less often, and are happy pretty much doing whatevs.  so mad props to you, baby caleb.

crazy mad props.

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