Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a sno cone summer

so even if the weather is not being too cooperative (c'mon, junuary: be gone already!), we're anxious to kick off el verano around here. 

and how might the wheelers celebrate the endless promise of an exciting and wonderful childhood summer? 

why, with sno cones, of course!

now, many moons ago, when bryan and i first moved to the seattle area and lived on mercer island, we decided one hot june evening to venture out and get us some delicious, icy sno cones.

easy peasy, right?


we went from parking lot to parking lot, grocery store to grocery store, up and down main streets, looking for one itty bitty, teeny tiny sno cone stand -- the ones we remembered so fondly from our college days (*cough* in the utah desert). to no avail.

what did we find instead?

espresso stands.

and that was when we knew we weren't in kansas any more.

so as part homage to that lovely (albeit unsuccessful), long ago, lazy summer dayz excursion, i bring you our first sno cone summer:

with many more to come.

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