Tuesday, June 19, 2012

date night

bryan and i try to make a conscious effort, whether we go out or not, to plan an activity that we do together on the weekends. it can be something small, but the point is that it is planned and on purpose. keeps that wheeler spark alive (wink, wink).

here's a sample:

first, we melt some chocolate.

then, we wash some strawberries.

then, we dip the strawberries in the chocolate.
(can you hardly keep up with all this excitement?!?) 

and then, we voraciously consume said chocolate covered 
strawberries -- there may or may not be mouths 
dripping and plate licking involved (not pictured).

and finally, we enjoy a friendly game of cards.

in which i totally get schooled by my husband. 
who, ps and bytheway, hates games but plays them anyway
because (a) he loves me and (b) he loves to beat me at them.

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