Saturday, May 19, 2012

potty power

so i thought i would post a little report (for all her fans out there) on how much potty progress afton is making:

(uh-hem, drum roll, please!)

none. zero. zip. zilch. nada. nothin'. negative.

absolutely no progress is being made (heck, we might even be sliding backwards at this point).

afton won't go potty for stickers or for candy or for dora panties or even for the strawberry shortcake berry bitty market she joyously selected as her "potty prize."

in fact, after we brought the bitty market home, anxious for little missy to "earn" it (we had a chart and everything!), it was mere days before afton stated matter-of-factly (once she realized what subversive control we were trying to take of her), "i don't want to earn strawberry shortcake."

and skipped merrily on her diapered way.


i was recently reading old blog posts when i came across this gem in reference to afton learning how to walk: "it is my personal belief that afton can walk, she just won't."

and so it is with potty.

i absolutely believe skill and know-how are not what is lacking here (after all, this is a girl who has enough bladder control to manage to never ever, after months and months of trying, go in the potty).

it's desire.

she just doesn't wanna.

and i dare you -- no, i double-dog dare you -- to try to get afton to do something she doesn't want to do.


good luck with that.

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Stephanie said...

I want you to know that one of my children was not motivated by reward. This child WAS however motivated by having things that were precious to them taken away. Just a thought...