Saturday, May 12, 2012

one month

here's baby caleb, one month into his crazy awesome life:


he now weighs about 12 pounds, and i continue to treat myself to a bowl of ice cream once a day to ensure his caloric intake is at its peak. ice cream goes in, breast milk comes out, and everybody wins!

caleb's newest nicknames include lub-lub, lubby, lubbers, lubs, and the lub. summer and afton still call him "new baby" quite a bit, though a recent development of afton's is to call him "new caleb."

he's so far not too much of a screamer (unlike quintessential baby screamer, sister summer, and runner-up baby screamer, sister afton). he mostly just spends his days in what i term "low-level discontent." sometimes he's crying, and i'm all, "is that a baby crying?" 'cause it's hard to tell when the only thing you've ever heard before is babies SCREAMING THEIR HEADS OFF at you. so definite kudos to lubs on that point.

he has his mother's fair and sensitive (yet beautiful!) skin, and his father's knack for looking bored (and secretly thinking about math) all the time.

and he has the cutest ever baby sigh.

so even though sleeplessness and crankiness are peaking (a common newborn/mommy predicament during weeks three through six), we're seriously lovin' us some new caleb around here.

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Holly said...

Well, I do say. That is one handsome little man.