Saturday, May 05, 2012


(good morning, from the wheelers)

we've had a couple of big, big days around here, people.

first of all, i bravely tried on my fat jeans for the first time a few days ago. buttoned them up! still a far cry from being able to bend over in them. or sit down in them. or breathe in them. or look like i'm not wearing pants two sizes too small for me in them. but trending in the right direction. vanity, ho!

secondly, i went to the grocery store. with all three kids. in the rain. by myself.

sure, caleb screamed the entire time we were in the checkout line. and yes, the milk that was on the bottom of the cart fell out in the parking lot on the way to the car (in the rain). and i may or may not have hit more than a few folks with my grocery cart, which was teeming with little munchkins who were greatly impeding visibility. but as far as circus acts i've been a part of go, certainly not my worst showing.

and definitely worthy of the pat-on-the-back/big-bowl-of-ice-cream i gave myself afterwards.

(ah well, fitting in the jeans can wait.)

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