Sunday, August 01, 2010

seventeen again

let's travel back ten years to a time of prom and parents. boybands and britney and blue (da ba de). youth and beauty (SIKE -- what's up with that perm?) it's the year 2000, end of junior year, school's out for summer, and lisa and i (sorry about the picture cut, yo) spend our days baking and decorating ginormous cakes.

seventeen-year-old emily sits on the above left with twenty-seven-year-old emily by her side. a decade of difference between them. (i.e., seventeen-year-old emily wore only mascara; twenty-seven-year-old emily wears mascara and eyeliner. where *does* the time go?).

and if these two rather bodacious babes actually met, what would they talk about? what would they still have in common? what could they learn from one another?

perhaps their idea exchange might go a little something like this:

from emily the younger:

read your scriptures every day -- the fire of faith takes fanning the flames
eat ice cream for breakfast every once in a while -- just because you can
keep dancing -- you are a fiiiiiine booty shaker
give more people the benefit of the doubt -- a little guilelessness never hurt anyone

from emily the elder:

stay out of the sun -- your creamy pale skin is delicious
love the mole -- pretty soon photographers will start editing it out, and that will make you sad
for heaven's sake, eat less greasy food -- your digestive system can't handle it
don't cry so hard when you don't get the Hinckley Scholarship -- you will marry into it
and puh-LEEZE give your parents a break -- raising kids is friggin hard

now hug it out ladies and go your separate ways. seventeen-year-old emily to be frozen in stretch mark free (yet ghastly coiffed) perfection forevermore, and twenty-seven-year-old emily to infinity and beyond!

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Katie said...

yeah, both babes. the seventeen year old emily looks so innocent. the 27 year old emily (really hot by the way) looks so wise and modelesque. so, i love the advice giving between the two emilies. don't cry so hard over the hinckley scholarship - awesome. happy birthday! you are just a bean sprout.