Thursday, August 19, 2010

another day, another zoo

it's true: the wheelers love zoos. astute readers may have noticed that wherever we go, we go to a zoo.

so, in keeping with that tradition, here is our visit to the mighty hogle zoo in utah (and its two main attractions: the carousel and the bird show).

summer circling the carousel to be sure and pick
just the right animal on which to rest her precious little hiney:

hang on, cousin kellyn, we're moving at light speeds here!

afton petting the giraffe. i think her baby camelopard likes it.

summer awaiting the bird show with anxious trepidation:

but in the end, (and after a few shouts of "don't eat me!")
she liked it so much that she donated another dollar.

(for a brief recap of her first donation, go here.)

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