Friday, August 20, 2010

for your amusement

okay, one final family adventure to share from our desert trek, and then it's back to the races. (though, if bryan ever deigns to grace the blogging world with his presence, you might hear about some utah biking excursions.)

so for ken buds' big birthday, twenty-four style, we headed to amusement central: lagoon.

summer's first ride.
nothing can capture that girl's attention quite like water can.

summer's second ride.
having had her fill of the "kiddie" amusements,
she tries her hand at something a bit more exciting.

on the timeless logflume. love emmelie's action hair.

as always, we enjoy our share of physics lessons.
what goes up:

must come down:
(that's right, bryan, scream like a man!)

on a side note, sometime during the day, summer and i were separated from the group without a cell phone. and while i shan't bore you with the hairy details, let's just say that when we met up again with the fam, a certain someone who is not afraid of "public" confrontations and a certain other someone whose defense mechanism is to laugh when his wife is upset had a pretty volcanic one-sided exchange outside pioneer village (if you were there at lagoon that day, yes, that was us). tears were shed. maps were ripped up, crumpled, and thrown. and there was a general weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

then my dad bought everyone icees, and all was well and right again with the world.

as a bonus, we have now originated the saying "pulling a lagoon." which i think refers to that same certain somebody's tendency to, uh, not remain calm.

who, me?

psst: yes, afton *was* at lagoon with us. she just spent most of the day being pushed around in the stroller by opa d, resting her pretty little head.


Holly said...

You crack me up. Pulling a Lagoon...

Katie said...

so i'm so so sick and need to sleep but that will not keep me from making a comment on your funny funny post. oh, lagoon. the memories. and i loved the image of your one-sided fight and to a husband who is laughing nervously. and i love the "pulling a lagoon". so so funny.