Monday, May 25, 2009

Return to Rattlesnake Lake

Readers with long memories will remember that 364 days ago, we took Summer to Rattlesnake Ledge on her very first hike.The glorious conditions of late inspired Emily to plan a repeat hike and follow it up with a picnic and wading in the lake. Naturally, we had our doubts about Summer’s viability, since she hadn’t been on a hike in eight months, and attempts to strap her into any type of restraining device usually end in violent protest. But oddly enough, when I retrieved her throne from the garage, she squealed with delight.
We returned this year with seven of Summer's friends (aka the Darrington family) plus Summer's baby sister in utero. Sunshine, long weekends, and proximity to Seattle always produce one thing around here: crowds. At times, I felt like, instead of on a hike through Washington wilderness, I was walking in a line at a Disney World ride. Fortunately, a Starbucks latte really only lasts 30 minutes on the trail, and the caffeine fueled crowd thinned substantially as soon as things got really steep.
Summer enjoyed herself immensely and those squeals of delight were the only ones we heard.

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Jones Town said...

Looks like a great time with gorgeous weather. Emily, you are so ambitious! I need to hire you as our events planner for summer day trips! How fun!!