Saturday, May 16, 2009

day two: sea world

we arrived at sea world a little before 10am on tuesday, paid for parking, and received our change. gasp! a two dollar bill! things are looking up already.

as a HUGE fan of aquariums and sea creatures, sea world was everything i’d hoped it would be. the shows and exhibits were stunning, the signage was very helpful, and walking around was quite pleasant . the only holdup here was (guess who?) baby summer.

before we left on our trip, we had great parental expectations that summer would see and love the animals—that they would somehow capture her tenuous attention. but in reality, all she wanted to do was wander around and play with rocks and drains. and any time we stepped in and tried to focus her interest on an exhibit, she quite vehemently voiced her displeasure.

though she did have one moment of exuberant emotion during the shamu show. after watching the whales perform, all of a sudden and for no easily discernable reason, she began clapping and squealing with delight! ‘twas a moment that, as a mom, made the rest of her troubles much more manageable.

speaking of shamu, we of course went to see his latest act, “believe.” and while the performance itself was beautiful, even bringing a few tears to my eyes (hormones, maybe?), by the end, i wasn’t quite sure what i was supposed to believe in. the orcas? conservation? whale training? myself? it was all a bit over my head.

one line they kept repeating was that orcas and humans are two species who, at their core, are trying to become one. this, i believe, is fundamentally false. having seen the killer whales out in their great wide ocean, i believe they could care less about “becoming one” with us. but hey, who am i to rain on sea world’s parade?

day two review: we drank more water, sat down more often, and summer, while not perfect, was far less difficult than she could have been. add that to the fact that sea world rocks and we have a solid B+ day.

join us next time for a report on the best. day. ever.

right: summer's disapproval of the "leash."

walking on water.

mom enjoys the manta rays.
summer enjoys the water.

in the middle of sea world, there is a little kid's park with a few amusements.

we soon discovered, however, that there are two reasons summer does not like rides:
1) you have to wait in line. 2) you have to be buckled in.

really, it's just more of "the man" and all his "rules" trying to bring her down.

eels are creepy.

summer hearts shamu.

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betsey said...

These updates on your trip are fabulous. Baby Summer and Baby Nora are sure to be great friends. Nora's favorite part about our day at an amusement park today was playing in the mulch near a food stand. Awesome.