Saturday, February 28, 2009

summer rocks

let's talk children's music.

i'm sure my mom had some children's music for us to listen to growing up--that seems like her kind of thing--but we just couldn't hear it over my dad blasting us with led zeppelin. and the beatles, and the stones, and heart, and everything between ABBA and zz top.

in the end, zeppelin's gang won out (how could anyone argue with jimmy page and robert plant?) and my mom's safety kids died a silent death. consequently, when i think of the soundtrack of my childhood, i think more "heard it through the grapevine" less "fruit salad, yummy, yummy."

so it's not surprising that now myself a parent, i'm a bit non-traditional in the tunes i share with summer. i know the wiggles and other such groups are popular staples in the homes of most toddlers. but honestly, i just can't wrap my mind around their music. i mean, maybe the lyrics are over my head or i find the beats too suggestive, but for whatever reason, they are on my list of banned media.

instead, summer's playlist includes the likes of beyoncé, cyndi lauper, dave matthews, counting crows, sugarland, our favorite angry chicks, avril and alanis, and of course, the bens (folds and lee).

but her favorite song? "all these things that i've done" by the killers. for this, we have yet again to thank my father for playing it over and over during our three week stay in alabama.

dear wiggles: you can take your fruit salad and EAT IT. love, baby summer.

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Katie said...

"Safety kids, the safety kids - we go together like soda and fizz..."
Yeah, I totally had to listen to that when I was a kid. I enjoy your playlist for Summer. She is a rockin dancer. and PS we have the same little fisher price house for Luke. Now, THAT has some rockin' music. It's what I hear all day... "It's the sun! It's the sun! It's the beautiful sun ...."