Sunday, February 15, 2009

summer goes swimming

it's no secret that summer loves the tub. in fact, she tries to climb into every bathtub she comes across. and if bryan doesn't keep a close eye on her while i'm in the shower, i'll turn around and there will be summer, fully clothed, showering right along with me.

sensing how the agua draws her, bryan and i decided it was probably in summer's best interest to put her on the path toward water survival.

so we signed up for a parent-tot water acclimation class and hoped for the best. during our inaugural class, we discovered two things:
1) even more than the tub, summer loves the pool. loves splashing, loves jumping, loves playing, loves floating. loves. it.

2) not only does she love the pool, but she believes that she can already swim. in direct opposition to the little boy--twice summer's age--who spent the entire class sobbing and clutching his father's neck, summer utilized most of her energy desperately trying to free herself from my grasp and enjoy the water on her own terms.

we'll wait a few more classes before we give in to her demands and let go.


Primetime said...

Awesome! Hopefully Seattle doesn't have the crypto problem like Utah does. Nothing like Utah mentality of I'm going to let my baby poo in the pool with no diaper on. Maybe next year Summer and Kellyn can take a few laps together.

betsey said...

What a cute swim suit that Summer is sporting! I should do a little swim class with Nora, what a great idea!