Thursday, September 04, 2008

summer's first band-aid

yes, we like to document all the important milestones. i'm not going to reveal how this particular accident happened. mainly because it was idiot mommy's fault, and i'd like to save just a little bit of face here. but let's just say the injury was on top of the fingers, and thus, in a very precarious place to bandage.

summer has since recovered and is doing well. unfortunately, i can't say the same for the bandages. minutes after painstakingly applying an ingenious double bandage on both the thumb and the forefinger, the thumb's wrap became a casualty. not having yet learned my lesson, i reapplied said bandage, and only moments later, both bandages were lost to the baby "i-have-eight-teeth" powers that be.

so summer was confined to her highchair and force-fed kix until the bleeding subsided.

maybe we should invest in one of those plastic cones they put around animals' heads so they don't bite the stitches.

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