Saturday, September 13, 2008

all's fair

glory be! summer is still going strong here in the pacific northwest. our bonus week of sunshine 'tis a gift that we did not squander. my parents were in town (lucky, lucky), and we played much the same as when kenny and emmelie were here.

adding to the sunny northwest experience, the puyallup fair was in full swing this week, so we decided to head on down. state fairs figure prominently in my family history, and we have been to many, but all agreed that none were quite as good as the puyallup.

summer looks skeptical of her portrait:
roberto the magnificent!

behind us is the largest cow we've ever seen.
jabba the cow.

a day old calf and her mum.

mom and dad wander the fairgrounds with their
newly aquired (what a great deal!) fair backpacks.

at the end of the day, summer had had too much cheese.

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