Saturday, May 17, 2008

un cadeau, pour moi?

If there's any list you should try to get on, it's the group of people Emily gives gifts to. I have the good fortune of being near the top (I was recently demoted due to Summer's meteoric rise to the number one slot). Case in point: Birthday 08.

You may recall the festivities perpetuated by Emily on the day itself. The fun did not stop there:
This year, Emily's gift to me was a *very* nice camera. Technically, she didn't give me the camera itself but a large sum of money earmarked for the camera. This is because even though I have wanted a DSLR for years, I'm cheap, and generally speaking, don't like to spend money on anything.

So after an additional month of dithering, I finally took the plunge. The gift is already starting to pay dividends. As expected, Emily and Summer will be my most frequent subjects.

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