Friday, August 11, 2017

new orleans, day two

we spent the morning of day two riding the famous new orleans streetcars and meandering around downtown. and by "meandering" i mean "hyper-actively wrangling four small, energetic children," but tomatoes, tomahtoes, amiright?

then it was on to the audubon insectarium. another really well done place to explore. we saw and touched and inspected so many creepy bugs that my sweet dreams may never recover.

bonus: we got to eat some bugs, too! or rather, dallin got to eat some bugs. summer, afton, and caleb (and their parents--womp, womp) were not super keen on the bug cookies or the other crunchy, crawly, buggy snacks that were available to try, but little dallin didn't seem to mind them at all, so he ate everyone's treats! yay protein!

next was a stop at the southern candymakers for two pounds of american pralines. the kids opted for giant chocolate-and-sprinkle-covered marshmallows instead. because they're kids. in a candy shop. and who wouldn't? again, dallin wins a prize here for being the only one to actually finish his sugar-coated sugar monstrosity. those bug cookies must have really whet his appetite.

and finally, on our drive out of town, we enjoyed a late lunch in the bywater of new orleans at the crepe place. bryan had a caprese crepe that may have very well been the best crepe i've ever tasted in my life (which is not what is pictured below, but you get the idea). so good.

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