Wednesday, August 09, 2017

new orleans, day one

on our way to spending a week at the beach in florida with bryan's family, we stopped for a quick forty-eight hour tour of nola. *such* a cool city. so much to do! and see! and EAT!

leaving seattle and getting off that plane in louisiana, we were overwhelmed by two things right away:

1) the heat. it's legit, ya'll. our kids (and their mom) were melting so much the first day that we ubered distances which have me kind of (and kind of not) ashamed. luckily, the next day it clouded over and rained a bit, and we were much obliged.

2) the friendliness. i love the pacific northwest. LOVE it. but, for better or worse, we do tend to keep to ourselves up here. not in the south. no ma'am and no sir. multiple strangers comment on how much they like your skirt, everyone tells you what beautiful children you have, people ask if you'd like them to take your picture (see below), they share trade secrets and tips and just generally shoot the breeze while you're waiting for a tram or a stoplight or whate'er it may be. 

so basically, the weather is warm and the people are, too.

here's a quick sampling of our stops on day one:

hansen's sno-bliz
this was a little off the beaten path, but well worth the excursion. amazing sno cones (a slightly different style than say, hawaiian shave ice, but super delicious in their own right) and eclectic atmosphere. we went at an off-peak time, so the line was not *too* far out the door, and we bought our sno cones complete with commemorative cups because what is life without commemorative cups?!

the audubon aquarium of the americas
not too many pics from this part of our day, but it is an incredible aquarium! lots of information and animal life to see (and touch!), and very well done. i, personally, could have stared at the alligator exhibit for hours, but we had to move along.

here we are attempting to walk along the river to 
the aquarium; can you see dallin melting?

(this is just a cute pic of afton and dallin while we were waiting for a tram.)

cafe du monde
of course! bright and early we started our day with beignets for breakfast--along with a thousand of our closest friends. worth it.

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