Saturday, July 15, 2017

port angeles part 1: getting there

so! we've been there and back again from this year's young family reunion, held in picturesque port angeles. much more to come on our shenanigans!

but first! the wheelers never pass up a ferry ride, so here's a look see at our clan heading over the water to the olympic peninsula at the beginning of last week's adventures.

no one, and i mean no one, loves a ferry ride like afton.

summer, meanwhile, has entered that phase of nearly all eldest children of being afraid that one of her little siblings will injure themselves or fall into a body of water or get lost from the group or be eaten by bears and such. and so is *not* a real big fan of ferry boats right now. (and i am definitely keeping her away from that one grey's anatomy episode).

bryan and his mini me.

the end (of the beginning).

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