Wednesday, July 12, 2017

afton is eight!

july 11, 2017

afton is magical. she is pure imagination. she is quiet and delicate. a puzzler and deep thinker. afton is a talented (and prolilfic!) creative writer. she is her father's daughter and loves camping and the outdoors. she would spend forever and a day hiking around a stream and collecting all sorts of fantastical bits of nature if she could. afton loves rocks and minerals and gems. her favorite book series and character right now is seraphina (a girl after afton's own heart).

all of afton's senses are heightened. for her, lights are brighter, sounds are louder, smells are stronger, and feelings are much more tender. quiet as she is, she has a way of drawing people in (especially fellow tender-hearts and creative souls). afton loves art and fashion. she draws the most amazing animals and insects, and her attention to detail is incredible. afton is still our resident silly goose and makes the *best* faces and voices. trust me when i say that this girl gets comedy (ask her about her "darth vader singing in front of a pink screen" bit sometime).

it is a joy to watch afton grow. it is a joy to watch afton create.

for her birthday, she wanted to visit a butterfly museum. she and summer carefully planned their outfits to be sure to attract the most butterflies (and upon leaving the museum, one of the staff members actually randomly commented that the girls had picked the *perfect* outfits for butterflies).

a butterfly enjoying a rest atop afton's head (this butterfly actually stayed with her for more than five minutes while she walked around. afton birthday magic for sure!)

the whole crazy crew.

for her extra special birthday treat, afton went with wheeler family tradition and chose top pot doughnuts. we stopped by thirty minutes before closing, and the kids were lucky enough to each get a free doughnut for breakfast the next morning (in addition to the yumminess pictured above). afton birthday magic strikes again!

we love you, afty bay, and wish you all the best things, with glitter and rainbow sprinkles on top, this year!

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Annie Wheeler said...


You are beautiful. I wish you the very happiest of birthdays. I know you are now old enough to make your first covenant with the Lord. I am happy for your baptism, and your receiving the great gift of the Holy Ghost to guide and protect you and testify of Jesus Christ and all truth.

I love you,