Tuesday, October 18, 2016

part 2: da nang

so back to the beginning.

taking into account the twenty hours it would take us to get to southeast asia, and the jet lag incumbent in such time travel, we decided we wanted more of what bryan termed a "soft start" in vietnam. he used a few of my favorite words like "beach" and "resort" and "beach," and i was sold (hook, line, and sinker) on beginning our journey in da nang.

we stayed at a truly otherworldly resort that's sort of on its own private peninsula in central vietnam. it was the off season for most tourists, so we ran into about ten other guests total the entire time we were there.

and i'll tell you what: coming off that cramped and stuffy plane to lounging on a gorgeous beach that we practically had to ourselves (sipping coconut milk? eating exotic fruits?) was not a bad way to play it. not a bad way at all.

note: bryan, of course, has "lounged" all of five minutes in his whole life, so he sought out the water-sports the resort had to offer almost immediately. i don't have any pics of his excursions because i was busy letting the crashing waves lull me to a beautiful, tropical sleep, but he did manage to capsize a sailboat in the crashing surf, so i'm sure his adventure needs were duly met.

said five minutes of lounging:

the view from our balcony at sunrise. vietnamese fishing boats out on the water.

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