Thursday, October 27, 2016

northwest pumpkin patch

we did, incidentally, pick *the* rainiest day in october to go pumpkin patching this year. which was also, like, the only day of the week the apple cider doughnuts were *not* being served (which cider doughnuts are pretty much the reason i go pumpkin patching).

so an all around parenting planning win, for sure.

we couldn't even go out and pluck our pumpkins straight from the field #likeaboss, and instead had to rummage through what had already been picked #likeregularpeople.

epic raining sigh.

BUT, turns out the wheeler kids don't care about stuff like good weather, apple cider doughnuts, and cutting pumpkins from vines. they had an awesome time anyway.

(actually, missing out on the doughnuts was a definite blow. nothing a little gourmet candy corn from the country store couldn't fix, but, still, a blow).

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